Machine Shop

We have a  precision engineering machine shop, affording us the ability to machine  parts  to very fine tolerances.

Our machine shop regularly undertakes the following tasks:

  • + Cylinder Heads and Blocks Pressure Testing

    We Resurface Cylinder Heads and Blocks from  the smallest motorcycle to the largest truck. Resurfacing is carried  out on our two modern Comec and Rottler machines. The Rottler  has a cutting width of 16”.

  • + Cylinder Re-boring and Honing

    Here at South Wales Pistons we rely on the latest technology to enable us to change and adjust the Crosshatch Angle and Surface Finish for each  individual application. With todays high horsepower demands, the  correct cylinder finish is absolutely paramount for instant concentric  ring seal. With that in mind our cylinders are finished within a super  tight tolerance of 0.00025” or 0.000635mm.

  • + Crankshaft Re-grinding

    With our AMC Crank Shaft Grinder here at South Wales Pistons we can grind Crank Shafts up to 1.8M in length.  Motorcycles, cars and trucks

  • + Valve and Seat Refacing

    Valve guide sizing is a crucial part of the head reconditioning.
    An incorrect sized guide can cause the valve to seize if too tight, or  cause premature valve seat wear and oil consumption if too loose. We use diamond hones that are preset to the exact size for each valve stem  size.
           Valve seats can be changed recut to any angle/multi angle on our SERDI MILLENIUM 3 machine we can also convert cylinder heads to unleaded.Valves can be recut to any angle on our Rottler VR7 machine.

  • + Welding

    All types of repairs carried out on all types  of components, Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Cast Iron, Brazing.
    Aluminium welding is one of our specialties whether it be for corrosion on the head face, a hole in the port or a crack repair-we can fix it.
    Heads that we crack repair are placed in a timer controlled oven for 24 hrs
    for stress relieving , this is to ensure that the repair will not crack again.

  • + Helicoils

    Helicoils, Timeserts, Ezlok inserts supplied  and fitted in all sizes.

  • + Line boring

    With most heads on modern motors now being overhead camshafts, it is not a simple case of just knocking out the old cam bearings and fitting new ones in the block when they are damaged or worn.
         When an overhead cam journal is damaged, either from a seized cam due to lack of oil, or scored from contaminated oil caused by other engine  parts failing, they need repairing as they are part of the head not a  replaceable item. We can repair these and reline bore back to  manufacturers specifications using our Berco line boring machine.

  • + Other machine services

    We  also carry out bespoke general engineering work

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